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Change Of Eating Habbit (base on secret Yang Sheng) 

Modern people get lost in conflicts advice on nutrition. One fashionable diet contradicts another fashionable diet.

Human being conditions and consideration is different. Nutrition should also be adjusted to the surrounding conditions (e.g weather , season ,location ) in Chinese culture the nutrition wisdom and knowledge has been developed thousands of years age. Has proved to be effective nutrition on many generations, is not about fashion. This is about wellbeing and health. 


  1. Diagnosis

  2. Weekly nutrition plans ( adjusted to individual fact and condition)

  3. Review of actual nutrition plans on daily basic / weekly basis for adjust 

  4. Herbal treatment extra special Chinese products 

  5. Balanced diet advice 

  6. Nutrition plan

  7. Structured approach to nutrition plan based on Chinese Medicine combined with herbal treatment and recommended products Mat will cure the reason of the illness rather than the symptoms of the deseases.

One month programme price £300

Detox Herbal drink for sale

Sometimes we over indulge and eat and drink too much or eat rich foods, and our body lets us know it is not happy! So we need to listen to it and detoxify.  


Try this Chines special formula body Detox herbal drink for 1 to 2 weeks and see the difference.


Make your body happy and you will be happy too!


Herbal drink work on

  • 1. cleanses liver and kidneys 

  • 2. reduces bloating, lethargy and water retention.

  • 3 it is derived from raw herbs


3 days bottle /£17 (ready cooked)


1 week /£35

2 week /£59

Qigong Meditation class for beginner 

We will teach:

  • Stick standing

  • Original spine joint movement exercise

  • three ways ( Dantian, acupoint, heaven&earth) breathing

  • Tibetan Buddhist meditation. 


Position: standing and sitting on floor or chair . 


From March 1st 2016

On Saturday  6:15pm to 7:00pm  


Fee: £10/each session

        £25/per month (membership)

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