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One of the most popular and successful complementary medicine therapies, acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, sterilised needles into the skin to stimulate points along the channels to regulate the flow of energy, alleviate pain and initiate the healing process. The points chosen depend on the doctor’s diagnoses of the patient’s condition. The needles are generally left in place for 20-30 minutes while the patient rests. Only singly-used disposable needles are used and insertion is virtually painless. Some patients will experience the benefit of acupuncture treatment immediately; others, especially those suffering from chronic diseases, may need a longer course of treatment.



Well being

"Dr Li is a very special Chinese doctor. She is accomplished, experienced and sympathetic. She has so much patience and goodwill for her patients andantes to help everyone feel better. I can not recommend her highly enough. you won’t find anyone better than she.!”

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which include flowers, leaf stalks, seeds and roots formulated in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners prescribe combinations of herbs selecting from a wide range to treat specific conditions. The herbs are cooked and drunk as you would a cup of tea or taken in pill, tablet, capsule or oral liquid forms. The duration of treatment can vary from a few weeks to several months depending on the patient and the condition being treated.



A jar is placed on the skin surface to relieve local congestion. This helps to improve blood circulation and detoxifies your system.  A popular treatment with the Hollywood set!


Gua Sha

Gua sha is one of the most effective and simplest ways to detoxify your body. It is a centuries' old Chinese treatment that involves rubbing your entire body with oil then a piece of wood is expertly moved down your body, gently and effectively eliminating toxins, whilst at the same time easing the tension in your limbs. You depart fresh of mind and limb and the benefits can`be felt for days after as your body rids itself of the many toxins it accumulates. Regular Gua sha sessions maintain the detoxification process and also improve the condition of your skin. It is one of the best kept secrets of Chinese medicines and is one of the most popular treatments in China today. Try it and see for yourself!


Ear Candling

1. Remove earwax 

2. Unblock ears 

3. Improve tinnitus 

4. Balance ear pressure 

5. Enhance hearing sensation 

6. Eliminate background noise



"I saw Dr. Li regularly for 2 months [June 2012] and within that time all of my original ailments disappeared. I found Dr. Li to have a great positive attitude, which is very comforting with someone like myself who isn't too comfortable around needles. She was extremely thorough and explained everything she was doing before hand. From speaking with her you can tell she has a passion for acupuncture. I highly recommend Dr .Li as professional acupuncturist and will use her again in the future!”


"Thank you so much for helping us to get pregnant – we would not have her without your tea, acupuncture, diet and guidance, but most importantly – without your confidence that we would be successful, which was so important to us…We wish Dr. Li lots more success with babies!"


I would like to thank you for the treatment I received when I had a painful shingle on my back. Since then I feel good. You showed me the miracle of Chinese medicine . I will highly recommend Dr. Li to everybody who needs your help.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture or Acupuncture Facelift is an effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of ageing and revitalize the whole body. It is based on the principle of Chinese medicine, which involves the insertion of very thin disposable needles into the acupuncture points on the face. This superficial insertion will increase the circulation to the face and stimulate collagen production, which will fill out the lines and give firmness to the skin for a glowing, radiant, younger looking complexion. It is much less costly, and a safer treatment compared with surgery. It is painless and has no negative side effects; there is no trauma inflicted on the body.  


Cosmetic acupuncture will help you:

  • Lift the contours of the face and firm skin

  • Lift sagging, puffy or droopy eyelids

  • Help reduce frown lines

  • Minimize or eliminate fine lines

  • Refresh, relax and rejuvenate you

  • Increase collagen production

  • Avoid costly surgery and dangerous botox

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture Induce Labour

Acupuncture is safe and effective natural way help mum giving baby birth. 

It is work on balancing the delicate hormonal of pregnancy to promote labour. Acupuncture can help to stimulate uterine contractions, soften and dilates the cervix, also can relax body and mind. Reduce the time of giving baby birth. 

It is better close to or past the due date to receive acupuncture. From 40 weeks onwards. 

We recommend having treatment every second day. 

In some cases women will only require one treatment, but more commonly two or three treatments are required to start 

sustain contractions, this will depend how the body respond.

Acupuncture Induce Labour

Acupuncture for Bell's Palsy

Bell’s Palsy, refers to an impairment or abnormally of function in the region of the face innervated  by the extra cranial nerve. Oedema and nutritional impairment of the nerve, inflammation of the surrounding tissues are often involved. The cause is often a viral or bacterial infection usually related to a compromised immune system and emotional stress.

The symptoms include acute unilateral paralysis of all facial muscles. Numbness and pain may be present. They are from mild muscle weakness on side of the face to completely loss of the facial muscle movements of that side. It could affect the eyelid and mouth and make them difficult to open. Other symptoms include irritation of the affected eye, pain underneath the affected ear, increased sensitivity to sound or ringing in the affected ear, drooling from the mouth on the affected side of the face, dryness of the mouth, changed sense of taste, pain around the jaw, difficulty of eating and drinking, impaired speech ,headache and dizziness .  Muscle spasm appear on the later stage.


The therapeutic effect acupuncture is particularly satisfactory for bell's palsy and is often superior to other therapies when treatment starts soon after its onset. Acupuncture can affect the circulatory and nervous system and improve flow of blood, fluid and information to the affected areas of the face. By draining excess fluid from meridians leading up to the face the swelling is reduced and by invigorating the flow of blood to the face the nutritional supply of the nerve is reestablished. In addition that that, balancing the immune system and reducing stress levels can contribute to a reduction of inflammation and a general feeling of improved health and well-being.

Dr Li has 20years experience treating Bell's palsy. In north China winter time , Bell's palsy is a very common disease ,mainly treatment is acupuncture. The result is good . and more early do acupuncture result more better . 

Acupuncture for Bell's Paisy
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