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Shona - infertility

Dr. Li, by the Grace of God, cured me of an ailment I spent seven years trying to resolve. I went to homeopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists, aromatherapists,  and osteopaths but nothing seemed to work. Finally, I sought help from a gynaecologist attached to the Portland hospital and he advised me to have a laparoscopy and dye insufflation 

which led to a diagnosis of blocked fallopian tubes in 2011.  Thereafter I was advised by my gynaecologist that IVF was my only hope. I was distraught but I felt in my spirit that there was another way. 


In  May 2012 I saw an advertisement in the window of Dr. Li's practise for treatment that unblocked Fallopian tubes.  I was apprehensive but intrigued to discover more so I made an enquiry of her and  I took up her offer of a free one hour consultation with no obligation.  After speaking with Dr. Li I just felt in my spirit that I was in the right place. 


In June 2012 I attended weekly sessions of acupuncture/cupping as well as taking some Chinese herbs on a weekly basis. To my surprise I became pregnant after just three months (September  2012) of treatment! It was nothing short of a miracle and I thank God for meeting this warm, kind  hearted and spiritual woman. 


I gave birth to a healthy, bouncing baby girl in June 2013. All my dreams came true because of my encounter with Dr. Li. 


Dr. Li is the best alternative health practitioner that I have come across and I have tried a significant number in the North West and Central London areas. You will not be disappointed  if you follow her strict regime. 

Monica - Sciatica pain


I have a patient whom I will call Monica. She suddenly developed sciatica pain relating to a slipped disc.

The pain was so bad it made her cry constantly for two weeks. She received five weeks' hospital treatment, during which she was given strong pain killers, physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions. But she still felt in great pain and did not have one night’s full sleep for more than a month.

She was in Nigeria but she booked an appointment with me and flew to London to see me. When she came to my clinic - she was in a wheelchair and she looked so tired. I assessed her health and then I gave her acupuncture. When she came to me for her second treatment, she told me that she had enjoyed her first night of good sleep since she had become ill. After a week of regular treatments she abandoned the wheelchair and walked into my clinic, and she said she was so happy because the pain had become much reduced. We continued with the treatment everyday, and she got better and better.

When she finished her one month treatment, the pain had gone, she could walk with ease. She flew back to Nigeria - pain free and happy..

Andrea - Well being 


One of my patients, Andrea, is a prominent professional who is fit and healthy but is middle-aged and has a stressful job and life.  She first came to me asking for a Chinese massage and I recommended she try Gua Cha.  She has been coming to me now every week for five years and says she can not miss a session of Gua Cha because otherwise she feels her stress level increasing.  She says this is the only way she can maintain her well-being. 

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